1:1 Coaching

Where questions have the power to transform you and ultimately grow your business. 

Medium to


1:1 online sessions 

Practical homework after each session

Continuous support between sessions

Coaching, regardless of the specialty, focuses on the individuals. It assumes that people already have the answers in them, but sometimes need external help to dig them out.

As a coach, I don't tell my clients what to do. Instead I ask questions and guide them to their own answers.

As a coach, I commit to be a great listener. I act like a sounding board. The quality of my questions depends on my ability to listen. 

As a coach, I focus on results. The underlying purpose of coaching is to build confidence and show that the goals, whatever they are, can be reached. It is all about achieving success.

These 1:1 coaching sessions are highly customized. We will walk side-by-side as you build and grow your business. 

What's The Process?

1. Complete the registration form so I can get to know you, and understand your issue a little. I will also take that time to answer any questions you may have about the coaching process.  

2. I will then set up a free consultation with you to establish rapport. It's very important for you that you feel I'm the right coach. It's very important for me that I feel you can commit to the coaching relationship. 

3. We will establish our coaching agreement:

a) Define 3 Key Success Indicators that we'll use to measure your progress (remember, coaching is all about success)

b) Set-up the coaching duration and the frequency of sessions

c) Determine the fee

4. We start! At the end of each session, you will agree (mostly with yourself) on practical homework. We'll be in continuous dialogue between each session using Whatsapp or emails. 

What Clients say

“The coaching was absolutely worth it. I felt comfortable working with Laurent. He is a good mix of supportive but also can push you a little, which is generally what is needed.”

- Kylie Mannion, RAI-ICC  Regional Programme CoordinatorMalaria Consortium

What Clients Say?

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