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Meet Laurent

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Keynote speaker, Dad and CrossFit addict

20 years experience

Successfully managing, and growing SMEs in multicultural environments (South East Asia)

Strong business skills

Leadership, financial management, business strategy, marketing & sales, people...

Critical thinking

High ability to make sense of the big picture, ask questions and get things done.

People centric

Passionate about growing people through a practical approach.

”In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

Practial & Realistic

Providing first-hand business experience

I am a French national who left France at 23, spent 20 years in South East Asia, before relocating to Finland in the summer of 2019. 

My professional background is in market research and advertising. I ran businesses of up to 150 people for 18 years.


During that time, I acquired strong skills in business development, financial management, leadership as well as strategy. Working for entrepreneurs in multicultural environments developed my passion for coaching,

mentoring and training people. They also grew my interest

in entrepreneurship.  

I decided to fly by my own in October 2017. 

Results Oriented

Getting things done

Give yourself the means to grow your business

​Do you tick any of the boxes below: 

☑You are a Business Owner, passionate about your field of expertise, willing to build an outstanding business, and somehow cannot find the triggers to do so, or not sure whether you are on the right path 

☑ You are looking for clarity of purpose: "Why are we

    doing this?" 

☑ You need a concrete plan of actions to move forward:      

    "What are we going to do about it?"

☑ You and/or your team lack the leadership skills to support

     your business expansion: "How can we grow our people?”

Coaching, Mentoring and Training might be the right solution for you:

  • Coaching is made to challenge you and create the path towards being outstanding. It will help you make sense of the big picture, guide you towards actionable solutions, and make you accountable for yourself. 

  • Mentoring and Training are designed to support your business expansion. They are built on the following model: a little bit of theory and a lot of practicality. They will provide you and your leadership team with tools and techniques that can be immediately applied.

You can also:

  • Follow Inter:views podcast, where entrepreneurs all around the world talk about their journeys, and share practical insights for anybody with the entrepreneur spirit out there

  • Subscribe to my blog and get weekly practical business tips directly into your inbox

  • Contact me for a free discovery conversation where we will assess if and how I can help

Continuous Learner

Better advising clients

High Business Ethics

Making a difference, authentic about who I am and what I stand for.

What Makes Me Relevant?

I have always cared more about others than I care about myself. I love talking issues with people, trying to find solutions together or teach them something new. I am genuinely curious about people and interested in their successes.

Half of my career was spent in the market research industry. It taught me one critical skill: asking questions. With the right questions comes the right answers. As a coach, I practice that skill every day. The higher the quality of my questions, the more impact I make.

I have always worked for entrepreneurs before becoming one myself. I started managing small companies at an early stage in my career with little help from the owners; I had to figure it out and acquire new skills by myself; I experienced great successes and failures. Targeting business owners as my primary clients was logical: I speak the same language, I sat in their seats.

In 2014, I felt into CrossFit and it literally changed my life. It saved me from a burn-out and gave me the discipline I was lacking to better take care of my body. I have since been the fittest version of myself. I incorporate what I learn from it (e.g. discipline, challenge, time, wellness) into my coaching sessions as much as possible.

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