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Meet The Bottleneck Coach: Elevating Entrepreneurs

Transforming Bottlenecks Into Opportunities For Growth

A Commitment to Unlocking Your Full Entrepreneurial Potential

My favorite quote: 

”In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity".

Albert Einstein


> 23 Years of Experience Running SMEs

Find a partner who speaks the same entrepreneurial language and understands what it means to be an entrepreneur

Strong Business Skills

Develop your leadership,  business strategy, sales, and financial management competencies.

Critical Thinking

Take a step back, make sense of the big picture, ask the right questions, and focus on what matters the most. 

Laurent Notin entrepreneur coach walking in the street of Helsinki


Become a better entrepreneur. Release your potential through coaching, mentoring, and training.

Practical & Realistic

Receive first-hand no-fluff business experience

Laurent Notin coaching an entrepreneur online

I am a French national who left France at 23, spent 20 years in South-East Asia, before relocating to Finland in the summer of 2019. 

My professional background is in market research and advertising, where I ran small businesses of up to 150 people across 3 countries.  

My father was an entrepreneur, and so was his own father. I've always worked for entrepreneurs myself (the kind that gives you the keys and asks you to run their business on their behalf as if it were yours), then became a minority shareholder in an advertising agency before starting my own entrepreneurship journey. 


I've always cared more about others than about myself. I've developed a passion for coaching, mentoring, advising and training people throughout the years.  Combined with my entrepreneurial mindset, becoming a coach to entrepreneurs just made sense. 

Today, leveraging my wealth of experience and expertise, I specialize in freeing entrepreneurs trapped by their own bottlenecks so they can thrive. 

Here's how we'll navigate your journey to freedom and growth:

  • Advising: Expect straightforward, actionable advice on navigating through entrepreneurial bottlenecks. From practical tips and tailored training to strategic guidance, I'm here to steer you toward clarity and effective decision-making.

  • Supporting: Together, we'll take a step back to view the bigger picture, shifting focus from daily operations to your business's overarching goals. This perspective is crucial for identifying and prioritizing the strategies that drive real progress.

  • Inspiring: My role extends beyond coaching; I'm also here to replenish your inspiration. Through a curated selection of impactful content, I provide the motivation and fresh perspectives necessary for sustained entrepreneurial enthusiasm and creativity.

  • Asking: Critical to our journey is the dialogue we'll engage in—expect probing, thought-provoking questions designed to challenge your assumptions and spark transformative thinking.

Results Orientated

Stop moving and get things done

Laurent Notin, no-fluff coach for entrepreneurs

High Business Ethics

Become accountable for yourself

Continuously learning to better advise my clients

Empowering Entrepreneurial Success: My Multifaceted Approach

Personalized Coaching: As The Bottleneck Coach, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs break free from the bottlenecks holding them back. My coaching methodology is distinctive, blending over two decades of corporate leadership with actionable insights gleaned from seasoned podcast guests. This synergy ensures you receive advice that's both insightful and grounded in real-world experience.

Strategic Resources for Entrepreneurs:

  • The Bottleneck Breakthrough: your first step towards uncovering and addressing your bottlenecks. A series of videos to offer you quick yet profound insights into the specific challenges you might not even realize are holding you back.

  • eBook: "8 Tactics To Thrive As An Entrepreneuris your go-to guide for overcoming bottlenecks and driving your business forward.

  • Blog & Media: Explore a wealth of articles and resources designed to support your entrepreneurial path, available in my blog and media sections.

Commitment to the Entrepreneurial Community: Giving back and sharing knowledge are core to my identity. I actively mentor up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the start-up ecosystem through partnerships with organizations like Red Brick and Nordic Start-up Ventures, fostering innovation and helping dreams come to fruition.

Why I'm the Coach You Need:


At my core, I prioritize the success and well-being of others above my own. My passion for resolving challenges, coupled with a genuine curiosity about people, drives me to seek impactful solutions and foster growth.

Expertise Born from Experience:

  • Inquisitive Approach: My background in market research honed my ability to ask the right questions, a skill that underpins my coaching philosophy. Quality questions lead to meaningful answers, facilitating profound transformation.

  • Entrepreneurial Empathy: Having managed small businesses and navigated the entrepreneurial journey firsthand, I understand the highs and lows from personal experience. This allows me to connect with and support entrepreneurs authentically, speaking from shared experiences of success and setbacks.

  • CrossFit Discipline: Discovering CrossFit was a pivotal moment in my life, teaching me the value of discipline and physical wellness. I integrate these lessons into my coaching, emphasizing how physical fitness is crucial in preventing and overcoming entrepreneurial bottlenecks.

  • Emotional Intelligence through Introspection: Over a decade of introspection has equipped me with a deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence. I believe developing EQ is essential for entrepreneurs to tackle their bottlenecks effectively.

Continuous Learner

Discover new entrepreneurial tools 

Laurent Notin in a coaching session with entrepreneur clients

Don't underestimate the real impact of your bottlenecks on your business

Identify Hidden Growth Barriers. Unseen bottlenecks could be silently hindering your business's progress. Don't let them.

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