Efficient Business strategy

The 5 Elements of An Efficient Business Strategy

Would You Drive A Car blindfolded?

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Would you drive a car blindfolded?


Most of you will answer no, because the risk to crash, hurt yourself and others is too high.

Would you drive a business blindfolded?


You should also answer no, for exactly the same reason: The risk to crash, hurt yourself and others is too high! Nonetheless, many business owners underestimate the need for a strategy and therefore put their businesses on the path to failure.


  • Understand what a business strategy is using the car analogy

  • Learn the 5 key elements of any efficient business strategy

  • Ask the right strategic questions


  • Practical training course immediately applicable within your business context, regardless of your industry

  • Excellent opportunity for brainstorming and team bonding using the exercises provided in the notebook

  • Framework that has been successfully tested with clients

  • 1h free consultation with me (within 2 months after purchase) to discuss your business strategy into more details


  • All videos include embedded sub-titles 

Business leaders shake hands

This course is ideal for...

  • Business Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

  • Head of Departments, Managers


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