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Laurent Notin, The Bottleneck Coach, getting entrepreneurs unstuck

Transform Your Business: Break Free From Bottlenecks

Create Long-Term Success with Entrepreneur Coaching

Your Pathway to Entrepreneurial Thriving

Jesse Sevon, co-Founder, Wonder Hive
"Laurent has an amazing talent to make you clarify your business by asking questions and challenging you. As an entrepreneur, you have multiple things to do and there is never enough time. With Laurent's coaching, you are able to see what is important and keep the focus on what matters". - Jesse Sevon, co-Founder, Wonder Hive
Richard Burrage, Founder, Cimigo
"Laurent is a great coach! If you manage a business and need someone to challenge you to get into better shape, then consult him." - Richard Burrage, Founder, Cimigo
Alex Uspenskyi, Founder,
"I not only shared my story but it also helped me better understand myself and see all the bottlenecks :) I highly recommend Laurent if you are stuck in operations as an entrepreneur and must break this glass ceiling." - Alex Uspenskyi, Founder,

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential

Strategic Focus: Zero in on what truly matters for entrepreneurial growth.

Clarity of Direction: Steer your business with purpose and vision.

Resilience: Build strength to face any challenge.

Efficiency: Optimize your company's operations to boost productivity.

Accountability: Take ownership of your entrepreneurial success.

✅ Confidence: Elevate your leadership as a business owner with self-assurance.

Leadership: Inspire and guide your team to excellence.

Motivation: Reignite your passion for entrepreneurship.

Personal Time: Achieve harmony between life as an entrepreneur and personal life.

Overcoming Bottlenecks – My 4-step process:

1. Uncover Your Bottlenecks

Begin with an Impact Assessment Call. Together, we'll pinpoint the exact bottlenecks stifling your business's growth. Our goal? To identify these barriers quickly and accurately, assessing their impact on your success.

2. Set Clear Success Indicators

Results matter. That's why we define three Key Success Indicators (KSIs). These are your milestones, guiding our journey and measuring your progress. They're the benchmarks ensuring we're on the right path to unlocking your potential.

3. Personalized Coaching

Dive into transformative 1:1 coaching. With each session, you'll decide actionable homework, ensuring the insights gained translate into real-world results. Plus, you'll have unlimited support via WhatsApp, keeping you guided and accountable every step of the way.

4. Evaluate and Plan Forward

Reflect on your achievements. Have you hit your KSIs? It's about acknowledging your progress and planning your next steps. We ensure you're equipped with tactics to prevent future bottlenecks, fostering continuous growth and innovation in your business. 

Joey Ra, Founder, Cambodia Coaching Institute
"Laurent is a very practical, no fluff business coach. If you would benefit structure and no-nonsense straight-talking business coach, try a session with him!" Joey Ra, Founder, Cambodia Coaching Institute
Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise
"The thing that speaks the loudest to me with working with Laurent is when he had me start coaching my employees. I remember one time I was working with one of my best employees and we went through an exercise on what he was spending his time on each week. Eventually, we eliminated some of the things he was doing in favor of far more effective things. Over the next few weeks his productivity seemed to double and he said to me "I feel like I quit another job". - Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise

Are you ready to take your 1st step?

Coaching: The Path to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Feeling stuck is a sign you're the bottleneck in your business, slowing progress. The solution starts in the mind, with the right mindset and recognizing bottleneck symptoms. Yet, self-awareness is a journey, not a destination.


Enter entrepreneur coaching. It's more than knowledge transfer—it's about unlocking your potential, nurturing growth, and ensuring long-term impact. A great entrepreneur coach:

  • Understands the entrepreneurial path's highs and lows.

  • Offers personal insights from overcoming their bottlenecks.

  • Focuses on your holistic growth and the bigger picture.

  • Keeps you accountable, ensuring meaningful progress.

  • Helps shift perspectives to tackle underlying issues.

  • Emphasizes the importance of actionable steps and consistent effort.


It’s not just about what you learn; it's about who you become in the process.

Laurent Tam Nguyen Digital Mekong Founder

The concept of a bottleneck is a tangible reality. I had the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurs' coaching program led by Laurent. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective coaching can bring about real results. Laurent effectively leverages his entrepreneurial, corporate, and business background, combined with excellent listening skills. If you are an entrepreneur or a corporate "intrapreneur", give it a try." - Laurent Tam Nguyen, Founder, Digital Mekong

Who I Work With: Mid-Career Entrepreneurs

You're in the right place if you:

Are a seasoned entrepreneur facing a growth plateau.

✔ Feel stuck and crave solutions.

Spend days bogged down in operations, missing out on big-picture planning.

Face difficulties to let go an ddelegate

✔ Seek clarity and purpose in your entrepreneurial journey.

✔ Feel isolated, despite leading a team.

✔ Struggle with self-accountability amidst challenges.

Experience fatigue and frustration, obstructing your goals.

✔ Aim to balance your personal and professional life effectively.

✔ Are ready for change and open to external guidance.

If this resonates, embark on a transformative journey:

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