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Laurent Notin, The Bottleneck Coach, getting entrepreneurs unstuck

Be The Change You Want To See In Your Business

Entrepreneur Coaching will get you unstuck and create long-term impact

I work with entrepreneurs who are determined to shift their perspective to grow their business

Jesse Sevon, co-Founder, Wonder Hive
"Laurent has an amazing talent to make you clarify your business by asking questions and challenging you. As an entrepreneur, you have multiple things to do and there is never enough time. With Laurent's coaching, you are able to see what is important and keep the focus on what matters". - Jesse Sevon, co-Founder, Wonder Hive
Richard Burrage, Founder, Cimigo
"Laurent is a great coach! If you manage a business and need someone to challenge you to get into better shape, then consult him." - Richard Burrage, Founder, Cimigo

The benefits of getting unstuck

✅ Focus on what matters the most

✅ Work more on strategy and less on execution

✅ Have clarity of direction

✅ Strengthen your resilience

✅ Be more efficient

✅ Become more accountable for yourself

✅ Build solid business foundations

✅ Grow your self-confidence

✅ Hire the right people, and empower them

✅ Refill your motivation bucket

✅ Enjoy more time for yourself

💥 Ultimately, win new clients and grow your business

Tackling Bottlenecks: My 4-Step Coaching Process

1. Discover your bottlenecks 

You will go through an Impact Assessment Call during which we will identify your real bottlenecks, assess their impact on your business and determine their urgency

2. Define 3 Key Success Indicators

Coaching is about results. Consider those KSIs as your accountability rocks. We will use them to measure your progress over time, ensuring you are effectively tacking your bottlenecks. 

3. 1:1 Coaching with Homework

Experience the power of long-term transformation through 1:1 coaching and unlimited WhatsApp support.  You will leave each session with practical homework.


4. KSI Review and Next Steps

This is the time for reflection (have you achieved your goals?) and ensuring you have a concrete plan of action to prevent, recognize and address any future bottlenecks.


Joey Ra, Founder, Cambodia Coaching Institute
"Laurent is a very practical, no fluff business coach. If you would benefit structure and no-nonsense straight-talking business coach, try a session with him!" Joey Ra, Founder, Cambodia Coaching Institute
Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise
"The thing that speaks the loudest to me with working with Laurent is when he had me start coaching my employees. I remember one time I was working with one of my best employees and we went through an exercise on what he was spending his time on each week. Eventually, we eliminated some of the things he was doing in favor of far more effective things. Over the next few weeks his productivity seemed to double and he said to me "I feel like I quit another job". - Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise

Are you ready to take your 1st step?

There’s a 100% chance you will become the
bottleneck in your business

Often, you can sense that something is wrong, but you feel stuck and unable to move forward. This is when you become the bottleneck in your business. The trouble is, when you're stuck, your business gets stuck too.


It's crucial to avoid staying in this situation for too long because it could drastically harm your business.


Being an entrepreneur starts in your head first. It’s all about your mindset. You can minimize the bottlenecks' negative effects by becoming more self-aware and learning to recognize their symptoms. 

Unfortunately, developing self-awareness and cultivating the right mindset takes time. It requires internal nurturing and is an ongoing process throughout life. Enters entrepreneur coaching

Coaching unlocks your potential to maximize your own performance. Rather than simply teaching you, it helps you to learn and grow.

You need a coach who:

▶️ Speaks the entrepreneur language and appreciates the journey

▶️ Provides unwavering support to release your bottlenecks
▶️ Has faced and overcome bottlenecks
▶️ Focuses on personal growth and long-term impact rather than short-term goals

▶️ Holds you accountable for it
▶️ Recognizes you as a unique individual

▶️ Understands that your mindset shapes your actions, not the other way around
▶️ Knows you underestimate the true impact of bottlenecks on your business

▶️ Prioritizes shifting your perspective before addressing any issue
▶️ Ensures you receive practical homework after each coaching session

▶️ Values the work done during and between sessions

Who do I work with?

✔ You are a B2B or B2B2C Entrepreneur

✔ You've been running your SME for several years

✔ You've enjoyed some success, but you've reached a plateau

✔ You can’t find solutions to get past it and grow your business

✔ You know you need to make a change, but somehow, you're stuck

✔ Typically, you spend too much time on operations (day-to-day stuff) rather than thinking big picture (strategy)

✔ You may also have lost clarity of direction, wondering why you're doing the things you do

✔ Your team can't help you; you feel alone

✔ You may lack accountability for yourself

✔ You’re often tired and frustrated

✔ You don't spend enough time for yourself and your loved ones

✔ You’re ready to accept external help and pay for it

✔ You’re looking for someone who understands your situation and can guide you through the process (even better if that person has experienced dealing with a similar situation)

NB: Not all criteria above may apply

Not sure if it is for you? Then, assess your bottleneck score 📈

hours of entrepreneur coaching 


unstuck clients 

and counting...

Jake Wallis, co-Founder, For Nomads Group
"Laurent is great - both personally and professionally. He's really helped us as a coach, enabled us to focus on our strengths whilst acknowledging and working on our weaknesses, and is exceptionally good at doing that "magic" coaching thing where he doesn't actually tell us the answers/solutions to what we're trying to achieve, but instead makes us figure it out for ourselves. The result is a lot of clarity, greater motivation, and of course better results. Worth every penny and then some 🙂. - Jake wallis, co-Founder, For Nomads Group

Don't underestimate the impact of your bottlenecks. Act now 👇

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