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Build The Right Entrepreneurial Mindset

With great questions comes great answers

Entrepreneur coaching is the fastest way to get unstuck

"Laurent has an amazing talent to make you clarify your business by asking questions and challenging you. As an entrepreneur, you have multiple things to do and there is never enough time. With Laurent's coaching, you are able to see what is important and keep the focus on what matters".

- Jesse Sevon, Founder, Wonder Hive

3 unique entrepreneur coaching services to suit your goals, schedule, and budget

The Scan

One-off online session (via Zoom), lasting 60 mn. 

It's the perfect product if you're a busy entrepreneur, and want to get quick and immediate results without a long-term commitment

1:1 Coaching

Here, you will experience the full power of focusing on your mindset. It typically lasts 6 months and includes 15 hours, plus unlimited support on Whatsapp between sessions.


Coaching made simple. Enjoy 1 year of unlimited short calls with me. That's what you need if you'd like to get coaching but have a limited budget or you don't want to engage in deep 1:1 sessions.

Not sure which solution is the best for you?

No problem, simply book a FREE call with me, and we'll discuss your options. 

Coaching services

What are the benefits of coaching for you?


Think about it this way:


There’s a You before you start the coaching collaboration, the one who is stuck and can't find ways to grow the business. 


And then, there’s a You, a better one, the one with the right entrepreneurial mindset, who is focused on doing the right things right, after.


That’s the biggest benefit you’ll get out of coaching


Plus, some extra: extra: 

Focusing on the right issues and set priorities

Giving you accountability and steer to meet your objectives


Reducing your stress level, and getting things done


Providing new working methodologies and tools to tackle your issues


Thinking outside your company’s environment, and your assumptions

"Laurent is great - both personally and professionally. He's really helped us as a coach, enabled us to focus on our strengths whilst acknowledging and working on our weaknesses, and is exceptionally good at doing that "magic" coaching thing where he doesn't actually tell us the answers/solutions to what we're trying to achieve, but instead makes us figure it out for ourselves. The result is a lot of clarity, greater motivation, and of course better results. Worth every penny and then some ๐Ÿ™‚".

- Jake Wallis, Co-Founder & CEO, For Nomads Group

"I'd like my blood pressure down again. I'd like to regain the confidence that I used to have… that my company will survive through Covid, and turnover, and everything else. Peace of mind about the future of the company is what I miss.”


This is how a client described his situation the first time we talked. 


Most entrepreneurs worry a lot. It comes with the job. 


Usually, it starts with stories in your head. About what, how, and why things will go wrong. And you know as well as I do you’ll never find the answers that give you the reassurance you need… so you end up creating more stories and adding a heap more worry on top of your worry!


It’s a nasty vicious circle. 


Anyway,  my client was struggling because he, like many entrepreneurs the world over, was creating stories in his head. And so, despite knowing exactly what he needed to do he was paralyzed.


Can you relate?


If so, I need to tell you that the longer you remain in this state (being stuck!), the more impact it will have on your business.


I believe entrepreneurship is the toughest job there is. It requires being a generalist in so many areas like financial management, marketing, sales, legal, production, etc. 


Those business skills are important, but they'rnowhere near as important as your mindset!


You need to realize that being an entrepreneur starts in your head.


Listen to Brian Mac Mahon, the Founder of Expert Dojo, an international Accelerator that has invested in more than 150 companies since 2018 (Inter:views Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code, episode 28): You have to start with the main criteria of your journey that everything possible will go wrong. The first thing you need to sort out is your fortitude. You have to make sure that your mindset is in a place where you’re ready.


Or, perhaps you’ll believe Kara Godin, the Founder of Hint Inc., the leading unsweetened flavored water in the USA (episode 76) when she says: “It takes resilience, it takes dedication, and it takes the ability to get exhausted and get back up again. You have to be able to hear the word no, and keep getting back up again.”


And if you still need some convincing, let me turn to Pat Flynn, the Founder of SPI Media, (episode 83): “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. This is why I always look for the challenge and then what might happen after that challenge. What is the thing that I know would happen if I go through and I conquer this, I get through this wall? It’s all about mindset.


This is why the fastest way to get unstuck - and make sure it doesn't happen again - is to build the right entrepreneurial mindset.


And entrepreneur coaching is the perfect tool. โ€‹

How does entrepreneur coaching work?

1๏ธโƒฃ I ask you a lot of questions

I spent half of my career in the market research industry. It taught me the critical skill of asking questions. We had a saying: With the right questions comes the right answers


Questions will help you find your own path, instead of telling you what to do. With great questions,  you’ll be more aware of the current behaviors you’re using, the results you’re (not) getting, and the changes you need to make. 


And questions are central to coaching. The higher the quality of my questions, the more impact I’ll make, and the more results you’ll get.

2๏ธโƒฃ I listen to your answers

โ€‹What's the point of asking great questions if I don't truly listen to your answers? 


A great coach is a great listener,  without judging, to be able to create the environment of trust needed to encourage you to speak without fear.

3๏ธโƒฃ You develop the right mindset

Your limiting beliefs are big blocks to your own success. Beliefs – like emotions - can create endless stories in your head, and get you stuck. 


The underlying purpose of coaching is to build your confidence. As you reach the goals you set at the beginning, you’ll prove to yourself beyond doubt that you can be successful.


You see, you don’t buy coaching. You buy the results coaching brings to you

โ€‹4๏ธโƒฃ You get the steer and advice you need

I've been working with entrepreneurs for more than 2 decades. 


I started managing small companies at an early stage in my career with little help from the owners. I had to figure it out and acquire new skills by myself. I experienced great successes and failures. 


I speak the same language as you because I’ve been sitting in your seat. Chances are I’ve already dealt with the issues you’re dealing with, either personally or through a client. 


So, there will be times when I provide you with practical advice because I have the perspective you may lack. 

Take the 1st step toward getting unstuck

"The thing that speaks the loudest to me with working with Laurent is when he had me start coaching my employees. I remember one time I was working with one of my best employees and we went through an exercise on what he was spending his time on each week. Eventually, we eliminated some of the things he was doing in favor of far more effective things. Over the next few weeks his productivity seemed to double and he said to me "I feel like I quit another job".

- Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise

"Laurent is a great coach! If you manage a business and need someone to challenge you to get into better shape, then consult him."
"Very practical, no fluff business coach. If you would benefit structure and no-nonsense straight-talking business coach, try a session with Laurent".
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