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Laurent Notin, The Bottleneck Coach, getting entrepreneurs unstuck

Be The Change You Want To See In Your Business

Break Free from Your Bottlenecks and Ignite Long-Term Success with Entrepreneur Coaching

Collaborate with a dedicated entrepreneur coach to transform your business. Gain new perspectives, overcome your bottlenecks, and thrive in the entrepreneurial journey.

Jesse Sevon, co-Founder, Wonder Hive
"Laurent has an amazing talent to make you clarify your business by asking questions and challenging you. As an entrepreneur, you have multiple things to do and there is never enough time. With Laurent's coaching, you are able to see what is important and keep the focus on what matters". - Jesse Sevon, co-Founder, Wonder Hive
Richard Burrage, Founder, Cimigo
"Laurent is a great coach! If you manage a business and need someone to challenge you to get into better shape, then consult him." - Richard Burrage, Founder, Cimigo
Alex Uspenskyi, Founder,
"I not only shared my story but it also helped me better understand myself and see all the bottlenecks :) I highly recommend Laurent if you are stuck in operations as an entrepreneur and must break this glass ceiling." - Alex Uspenskyi, Founder,

Unlock Your Full Potential to Grow Your Business:

Strategic Focus: Direct your energy where it matters most.

Clarity of Direction: Navigate your business with a clear sense of purpose.

Resilience: Strengthen your ability to weather challenges.

Efficiency: Streamline operations for maximum productivity.

Accountability: Foster a sense of responsibility and ownership.

 Confidence: Grow your self-assurance as a business owner.

Leadership: Be the leader your team deserves.

Motivation: Replenish your drive and passion.

Personal Time: Enjoy a healthier work-life balance.

Tackling Bottlenecks: My 4-Step Coaching Process

1. Discover your bottlenecks 

You will go through an Impact Assessment Call during which we will identify your real bottlenecks, assess their impact on your business and determine their urgency

2. Define 3 Key Success Indicators

Coaching is about results. Consider those KSIs as your accountability rocks. We will use them to measure your progress over time, ensuring you are effectively tacking your bottlenecks. 

3. 1:1 Coaching with Homework

Experience the power of long-term transformation through 1:1 coaching and unlimited WhatsApp support.  You will leave each session with practical homework.


4. KSI Review and Next Steps

This is the time for reflection (have you achieved your goals?) and ensuring you have a concrete plan of action to prevent, recognize and address any future bottlenecks.


Joey Ra, Founder, Cambodia Coaching Institute
"Laurent is a very practical, no fluff business coach. If you would benefit structure and no-nonsense straight-talking business coach, try a session with him!" Joey Ra, Founder, Cambodia Coaching Institute
Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise
"The thing that speaks the loudest to me with working with Laurent is when he had me start coaching my employees. I remember one time I was working with one of my best employees and we went through an exercise on what he was spending his time on each week. Eventually, we eliminated some of the things he was doing in favor of far more effective things. Over the next few weeks his productivity seemed to double and he said to me "I feel like I quit another job". - Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise

Are you ready to take your 1st step?

Overcoming Bottlenecks: The Path to
Entrepreneurial Freedom To Thrive

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, you will become the bottleneck in your business. Often, an unsettling feeling creeps in, signaling that something is amiss. This is the moment when you unwittingly obstruct the flow of progress in your business. The dilemma is clear: when you're stuck, your business stalls.

Procrastination in addressing this situation can be detrimental. The roots of effective entrepreneurship lie in the mind, in cultivating the right mindset. Recognizing and understanding the symptoms of bottlenecks is crucial. However, the journey to self-awareness is time-consuming and ongoing.


This is where entrepreneur coaching steps in.

Coaching is not about merely imparting knowledge; it's about unlocking your inherent potential, fostering learning, and facilitating growth. What sets an impactful entrepreneur coach apart?

▶️ Speaks entrepreneur and appreciates the unique journey each entrepreneur undertakes

▶️ Has faced and overcame bottlenecks, bringing a depth of experience
▶️ Focuses on personal growth and long-term impact rather than short-term goals

▶️ Holds you accountable for your growth journey
▶️ Recognizes your mindset shapes your actions on your business

▶️ Acknowledges that the true impact of bottlenecks is often underestimated

▶️ Prioritizes shifting your perspective before diving into specific issues
▶️ Ensures you receive actionable homework after each coaching session

▶️ Values the work done during and between sessions

It’s not just about what you learn; it's about who you become in the process.

Who I Work With: Unlocking Potential for B2B and B2B2C Entrepreneurs

If (some of) these statements resonate, you're in the right place:

✔ Seasoned Entrepreneur: You've steered your SME through several business cycles.

Success and Plateau: Success isn't a stranger, but now you stagnate, yearning for that next growth phase.

Stuck: You sense the need for change but feel entangled in the inertia of the familiar.

Operational Overload: Days are consumed by operational tasks, leaving little room for strategic thinking.

Directional Dilemma: Clarity of direction has become elusive, and you're questioning the purpose behind your daily pursuits.

Isolation Struggle: You lead a team, but the burden often feels solitary; your team can't provide the guidance you seek.

Accountability Woes: Holding yourself accountable amid challenges feels like an uphill battle.

Fatigue and Frustration: Tiredness and frustration often accompany your entrepreneurial journey.

Balancing Act: Striking a balance between personal and entrepreneurial lives seems elusive.

Ready for Change: You're prepared for a transformation and willing to invest in external support to make it happen.

Understanding Ally: You're seeking a guide who comprehends your current struggles and has navigated similar terrain.

Does it sound like you? Don't wait. 

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