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Get a new perspective on your business, move towards actionable solutions, and be more accountable for yourself.

"One thing that I think everyone can admit - no one is perfect. Everyone needs help and that's why I think coaching is something everyone should do, especially leaders. But more than just ourselves, we have responsibilities to our employees. I think the thing that speaks the loudest to me with working with Laurent is when he had me start coaching my employees. I remember one time I was working with one of my best employees and we went through an exercise on what he was spending his time on each week. Eventually, we eliminated some of the things he was doing in favor of far more effective things. Over the next few weeks his productivity seemed to double and he said to me "I feel like I quit another job".

- Tom Hammond, co-Founder, UserWise

When you stand in your own way, you will get stuck.


That's when you're the bottleneck in your business. 


I see this all the time with entrepreneurs. It comes in different forms, but the result is always the same.


Let me give you a couple of examples:


1) Being complacent, especially when the business is doing well.


This leads you to delay decisions, procrastinate tasks, and spend less time at the office.


Indeed, when things are good, when the company seems to finally be reaching some solid grounds, when clients come to you instead of you chasing them, it’s normal to slow down a bit, push some things back and savor all that was accomplished.


The problem is while you’re slowing down, the environment is not, and you risk killing your business.


Don’t believe me?


Think Nokia and Kodak.


Both companies made it until they didn’t anymore because they were resting on their laurels.


2) Tormenting yourself about whether to keep an employee.


On the one side, you’ve been working together for years, you’ve developed mutual trust, your employee knows the business, the staff, and the clients very well. Plus, it’s never easy to let someone go, let alone during difficult times.


On the other side, the employee’s performance has been significantly dropping for a while, and despite several discussions, nothing has changed. As a result, your workload has increased because you have to step in for your staff.


But you can’t decide.

You don’t know what to do and you’re frustrated about the whole situation since you can clearly see the impact your lack of decision is creating on you, the staff, and ultimately on the business.


In both examples, you don’t act because you stand in your way.


And the cost of your inaction is to be stuck.


Here’s how one of my clients described the feeling:


I'd like my blood pressure down again. I'd like to regain the confidence that I used to have that my company will survive through Covid, and turnover, and everything else. Peace of mind about the future of the company is what I miss, I think.


My client was stuck, so his business was stuck.


He had become the bottleneck in his business.


It’s the biggest risk you face.


I can help you reverse the situation.


Enters Coaching.


Coaching, regardless of the specialty, focuses on the individual, in my case, the entrepreneur. It assumes that people already have the answers in them, and sometimes need external help to dig them out.


One of the main lessons I’ve learned throughout the years is that most entrepreneurs don’t resist change. On the contrary, they embrace it.


However, they do resist others pointing out their flaws and telling them what to do like they’d need to be fixed.


That’s not what coaching is about. I’m not here to tell you what to do because you know your business better than I do.


I’m here to help you find the answers that will unstick you, regardless of the situation.


Because sometimes we simply can’t discover them by ourselves.


You see, you don’t buy coaching. You buy the results coaching brings to you like:


Focusing on the right issues and set priorities


Giving you accountability and steer to meet your objectives



Reducing your stress level, and getting things done



Providing new working methodologies and tools to tackle your issues



Thinking outside your company’s environment, and your assumptions

"I was at a moment of self-examination. Everybody is looking at me for inspiration, motivation, but where do I get mine? How do I refill my bucket? Thinking outside of the box is a big deal for me. It forces me to sit down and think differently. It feels like a conversation, no bureaucracy, no corporatism. It’s like a chit-chat".

My approach to coaching is unique because I combine:


  • Coaching techniques, using the power of questioning (with great questions come great answers)

  • Practical advice based on more than 20 years of experience running companies in multicultural environments, and dealing with similar issues you’ve been facing

  • First-hand insights I collect through interviews with my podcast guests


Why do you need coaching?


If you’re enjoying success, I bet you don’t feel the need to hire a coach because things are fine, even though you know nothing is certain in the entrepreneurship world.


When things get tough, you've got no choice but to put the fires out. You don’t think about coaching because you’re overwhelmed, and your budget is restricted.


Ultimately, successful or not, you will get in your way, 100% guaranteed.


Success can lead to complacency and reduced accountability.


Being overwhelmed brings uncertainty, lack of clarity, and the inability to make rational decisions.


So, how much is your company losing because you’re not performing at your best?


How long do you want to wait to find a better version of yourself?


Think about it this way. There’s a You before you start the coaching collaboration. And there’s a You, a better one, after.


Isn’t that worth the investment?

Here's how coaching with me works:


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I will then set up a free consultation with you

We use it to establish rapport. For you, it's essential that you feel I'm the right coach. For me, I must make sure that you can commit to the coaching relationship. 

We will establish our coaching agreement:

Define 3 Key Success Indicators that we use to measure your progress and guide our sessions

Set-up the coaching duration and the frequency of sessions

Agree on the fee

We start!

You leave each session with practical homework to make sure you get things done.

We are in a continuous dialogue between each session through WhatsApp.





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What Clients say

Laurent has an amazing talent to make you clarify your business by asking questions and challenging you. As an entrepreneur, you have multiple things to do and there is never enough time. With Laurent's coaching, you are able to see what is important and keep the focus on what matters