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I was invited on The Inventive Journey Podcast, where I shared my experience as an entrepreneur, my best and worst business decisions, as well as my #1 piece of advice for entrepreneurs. 

An interview with EntreCom Enterprise Community. "It’s more than an interview. It a guide for every person who is thinking about entrepreneurship as a way of living. If you are at the beginning of this journey, spend 25 minutes of your life before jumping deep into this world." Arina Lykova, Founder EntreCom


Pay It ForwardCracking The Entrepreneurship Code With Laurent Notin
00:00 / 30:27

I talk open and honestly about my journey as an entrepreneur and how he now coaches entrepreneurs. In my own words: I am an Entrepreneur, Coach for entrepreneurs, and the Host of the podcast Inter:views, Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code.  Today, I use my 20+ years of experience to help entrepreneurs do their job better.

12 Hats Podcast FullCracking The Entrepreneurship Code With Laurent Notin
00:00 / 31:51

I joined Dave on his 12 Hats Radio podcast to talk about the Entrepreneurship Code and what I've learned from working with entrepreneurs for over 20 years. Remember that entrepreneurship is like an iceberg: We only see the tip of it. 

SMSW_Episode_42_-_Laurent_NotinSNSW - Episode 42: Laurent Notin – How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself
00:00 / 41:18

I was a guest on Smart Man, Smarter Woman, A Podcast For Entrepreneurs. We talked about my journey, entrepreneurship, and the importance of taking care of oneself. 

Elite_Game_Developers_28Why Every CEO Needs A Coach
00:00 / 50:10

Podcast episode I recorded with Joakim Achrén from Elite Game Developers. We discuss tactical and philosophical topics, everything that goes into leadership, company culture, values and taking care of yourself.

feature-friday-laurent-notin-on-applyingWhy Every CEO Needs A Coach
00:00 / 52:05

On this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, I  talk with Steve Brown about my business experience in Southeast Asia, CrossFit, self-discipline, entrepreneurship, and how all of that shaped me into the business coach I am today. 


What's Leadership Done Right?

Panel discussion I co-moderated under the umbrella of Xes Helsinki.

We asked 3 amazing speakers to share their perspectives on the subject:

👉 Caroline Bondier, Director, Process development and Program management, Modernization, KONE
👉 Chakrabarty, Anupam, Senior Vice President, Asia and Sales&Markets, Lindström
👉 Jan Ameri, Founder and CEO, ArcticStartup

A lot of great content. Totally worth it. 

Leaders' Talk: The Generation Question? 

Panel discussion I co-moderated under the umbrella of Xes Helsinki.

Leadership strategy can be very different depends on the people you work with. We invited 3 influential leaders from different industries and generations to address the topic.

Why We Need More Female Leaders

Panel discussion I co-moderated under the umbrella of Xes Helsinki.


At the current rate, gender equality in the highest positions of power will not be reached for another 130 years. This online panel discussion provides you with some practical advice to promote female leadership in the work place. 

  • What are the issues preventing more women to be in leadership positions? 

  • What do women bring that make a difference in the workplace? 

  • What can businesses do to promote more women into leadership positions?