Light Coaching

Business Coaching made simple. Enjoy 1 year of unlimited coaching calls.

1 year unlimited calls (via Zoom)

15min per call


Practical homework after each call

Sharp-focused sessions

This product is perfect if you'd like to try coaching or you do not want to engage into deep sessions. Short coaching sessions will force us to address the issues that are the most critical for you at the time of the call. The format allows you to easily integrate a session into your schedule, and you remain in control: you decide about the frequency of calls.


  • Manage your time better

  • Force you to focus on key issue

  • Strengthen fast strategic thinking

  • Set up priorities

2 x Conditions

  • Homework is done before each call

  • 100% upfront payment

Light coaching is ideal for...

  • Start-ups

  • Solo entrepreneurs

  • Consultants

  • Free-lancers

  • Heads of Departments

  • Team/Unit Managers

What Clients say

"Laurent is a great coach! If you manage a business and need someone to challenge you to get into better shape, then consult him."

- Richard Burrage, Founder and Managing Director, Cimigo

Remarks & Application

  • All sessions are recorded so you can access them later

  • You set up the frequency of calls

The underlying purpose of coaching is to build confidence and show that the goal can be reached. It is all about achieving success. 

I want to make sure that coaching is the right solution for you. Therefore you can only join the light coaching program by applying to it. Please take some time to complete the short form by clicking on Apply now just below. Once submitted, I will review your answers and come back to you shortly.  

Fee (excl. VAT):