​Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code

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"This conversation was one of the highlights of the month for me! The way Laurent manages and delivers his podcast creates great value for the listener (a budding entrepreneur or someone who needs a few tips to up their game) and ensures that the guest (in this ME) ends up having a few AHA moments too! "

Kashmira Mody, Principal Coach & Founder, Learning Essence, Episode 33

"Many thanks to Laurent for his insightful and down-to-earth podcast on entrepreneurship. Great source of inspiration, everyone would relate to the interviews."

Mathieu Léon, Deputy General Manager, LaboSport India

"I have nothing but positive comments for the podcast.  Laurent did a great job and I was happy to share my world for a little while."

Brian MacMahon, Founder & Sensei, Expert Dojo, USA, Episode 28

"I just wanted to say thank you for your podcast. Great guests and very interesting questions."

Carlos Puig Rovira, Finance Business Partner, Crédit Suisse, Switzerland

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