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10 Powerful Quotes From Top Entrepreneurs on the Importance of Mindset

The following quotes are taken from my conversations with my entrepreneur guests on Inter:views, Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code podcast.

Are you ready for the journey?

"Start from a place of humility. You know nothing. You have no clue. You have to start with the main criteria of your journey that everything possible will go wrong. The first thing you need to sort out is your fortitude. You have to make sure that your mindset is in a place where you’re ready.”

Be resilient

“Being an entrepreneur means working very hard, working a lot, working with passion. You need to have a powerful mindset. So, it’s important to manage both moods: when you are low and when you are high. We cannot give up, ever. This is something that all entrepreneurs should have: this mindset, this attitude.”

Find your next failure point

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. This is why I always try to stay in a positive mindset. I always try to look at the glass half full. I always try to look for the good in people. I always look for the challenge and imagine what might happen after it; what would happen if I got through this wall? It’s all about mindset.”

Learn to let go

“A business lives and dies at the mindset of its leader. If the psychology of the founder is not positive, it can have a massive influence on the business. I’ve learned to be confident that not every little thing that comes in has to be responded to or has to take you in a downhill spiral.”

Prepare for the risks

“Every job comes with its own risks. I need to have open, honest, confronting conversations about the risks and whether I am prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to manage those risks. If I’m not, what do I do to prepare myself? Entrepreneurs forget to enjoy themselves. It doesn’t mean going away for 2 weeks on a holiday, but we need to take an hour out, spend some time with the kids, go for a walk, and take a break from the business.”

Be dedicated

“We are often in an illusion that pursuing dreams and going after what we love will bring us money. Business is not only about making your dreams come true. It’s also about sustaining your operations, paying taxes, and being very smart and active with sales. It’s like exercising. You have to challenge yourself to keep your body strong and your muscles growing; you may feel tired and pissed off and sweaty, but the result is there only if you commit to doing things.”

Work on your relationship with money

"Running a business is a mental game. The biggest mindset thing that I would get people to focus on is how do you really feel about money? People are funny about money in two different time periods: when there's not enough and when they have piles of it. I've been in both shoes. I've had years where I've had very, very little. And every entrepreneur has probably done this two or three times."

Cultivate a service attitude

"When you cultivate your service attitude, it puts you in the right mindset to give as much value as possible. You will then naturally stand out from everyone else as a service provider whom your clients may be considering because you are the one who's giving that consistent value, who's taking that servant attitude, who realizes that it is your privilege to be of service to that person.”

Be humble

"If I had only one recommendation, it would be to be humble. It is the key to everything, because when you are humble, then you are able to take a step back. When you are humble, you are able to develop more interpersonal skills. When you are humble, you are able to develop deeper intercultural skills, and those are key aspects to pursuing your entrepreneurial journey.”

Accept failure

"It is important to fail. Because if you don’t ever try anything, you never gonna succeed. Also, create a culture in your business that is OK to fail as well. If you don’t, either people will get risk-averse and nothing will happen or they’ll try things and then they’ll hide if they make a mistake. It’s fine to fail, it’s fine to get things wrong. Just chat about it and move on.”


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