Align Your Staff Behind Your Strategy

Updated: Jan 13

Talk to most entrepreneurs out there and they will tell you that people are the best assets they have. Listen to my podcast Inter:views to gauge the importance of their people in building their businesses.

As Eric Fankhauser the CEO and co-Founder of Swiss Auto Glass says:

“The more I empower our team, the easier my work is because they can handle more without my help or approval. They do their work in a professional manner because they will think about the implications for the company. I do not have to make any decision.”

Listen to his entire Inter:views here.

Why would you hire people if you would not trust them? How can they see that you trust them if you do not share the company’s strategy with them, and then empower them with executing it?

Put yourself in their shoes: how would you feel if your top management team was not sharing the company’s why and the where we are going? Try to drive a rally car at full speed without a co-pilot! Not driving your business blindfolded implies that your people see the road too.

1+1 =3.

Make sure that you involve your people as soon as you start designing the business strategy. You want them to fully understand and be aligned with it so they take ownership of it and they all work towards the same direction.

Involving your people in the business strategy is also an occasion to improve their Strategic Thinking, i.e. their ability to lift their thinking above short-term goals and view long-term objectives. In other words, can they step back from the trees and see the forest?

Regardless of their position, people find motivation not because they are told what to do, but because they see how they fit within the team, they understand the role they must play, they know how their skills are necessary to achieve the collective goals.

Do you have the most efficient strategy for your business? My online training course about the 5 Elements of An Efficient Business Strategy is designed to put your company on the right tracks.

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