Are You Stuck? Plan Better

Updated: Jan 13

Entrepreneurs can find themselves stuck into cycles where they have a lot on their plates, and are not able to move forward. They are just treading water. All the tasks on the agenda coupled with the critical decisions to make can generate overwhelming situations, without being able to see the light out of the tunnel. Amelia Earhart, the American aviation pioneer said: “The most effective way to do it - is to do it.” She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, so I guess her quote stands true.  We often get confused between being busy and getting things done. The best way to experience what I am talking about is to imagine a day when you come home after work with a clear sense of achievement. On that particular day, you get things done. On the other days, you are busy doing stuff.  The issue lies with strategic planning: getting things done requires a plan. Lack of planning will increase stress and result in losing control.   The solution is simple: spend time planning ahead. I'd like to share an efficient model:

  • Objectives: assuming that you know your purpose, start by setting up your (realistic) objectives - Where do I want to go? 

  • Timeline: for every objective, determine a  deadline - When do I want to achieve it?

  • Actions:  breakdown each objective into a set of practical actions - What do I need to do to get there? Start your sentences with an action verb.

  • Steps: Actions are often not actionable enough. Divide each action into smaller tasks - What is the first step that I must take?

  • Person-in-charge: nothing will get done if nobody is accountable for it. Assign people in charge - Who will do what?

  • Resources: allocate the resources that are required to achieve the objectives (people, equipment, budget, etc.) - What do they need to complete the plan?

Embark on a journey you have control on.

Planning is part of designing an efficient business strategy. Don't drive your business blindfolded, the risk to crash is too high.

Planning is definitely an area I can help you with. It's also a great opportunity to engage your leadership team. Let's book a chat to further discuss about it.  

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