Case Study #1: From 0 To Beyond

Updated: Jan 13

Client name: PensionsForNomads

Industry: Online financial services

Profile: Start-up


  • Starting the business from scratch, the PensionForNomad team did not lack of ideas, but direction: where to start, where to go and not to go, whether to focus on one or two projects only, or work on multiple projects with significant synergies in parallel

  • They needed to build a process to communicate effectively with outsourced partners as well as staff, and to delegate tasks over-time

  • They were looking for self-accountability to get things done


  • Preparatory interview with the team to establish 3 Key Success Indicators

  • 1.5 year of collaboration

  • Phase 1 – Provide clarity, 6 months: in-person Strategy workshop with the team (split over the course of 2 months) followed by regular remote coaching sessions to ensure homework is done, tackle potential issues arising along the way and continuously execute the plan moving forward

  • Phase 2 - Provide support , 1 year: monthly remote coaching sessions with the team to review the month’s performance, discuss potential blockages, determine the next steps and stay focus on action. Every quarter, a deeper business diagnosis is conducted

Results (Work will be completed at the end of 2020):

  • Achieved focus on the most important aspects that the team can control, and not get bogged down in less important things

  • Developed a clear strategy for how to achieve them

  • Go from zero revenue to revenue

  • Understand how to maximise every step of the customer experience journey

  • Acquire new perspectives from outside of their personal experiences

"Laurent has been part of our team since we were in the "idea formation" stage. He helped us analyse and de-clutter our plans to focus on the optimum strategy, get us out of the "thinking" phase, and into the doing phase.

As a start-up business running alongside an existing business (which we still had to run!), we had the advantage of previous entrepreneurial experience, and the disadvantage of a lot of different things going on all at the same time.

Laurent's coaching has made our business lives easier, more profitable, and we know exactly what, how, and why our next steps as a start-up business will be. Get Laurent on your team!"

The PensionsForNomads Founding Team

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