Case Study #2: Structure Your Business

Client name: Coach Joey Ra

Industry: Coaching

Profile: Single Entrepreneur


  • Lack of business strategy

  • No clear products’ definition, and no pricing structure

  • Low clients’ acquisition

  • Fighting the impostor syndrome


  • Preparatory interview with the team to establish 3 Key Success Indicators

  • 6 months 1: 1 remote coaching sessions

  • 20 hours of business coaching in total

  • Continuous support by email and phone between sessions


  • Business strategy in place

  • Clear focus on execution with planning

  • Structured sales process (e.g. systematic leads' follow-up)

  • 5 paid 1:1 clients

  • Launched first coaching training course with 6 students

  • Increased self-confidence

"Laurent got me to nail down my niche and constantly think about ideal customers and client acquisition. He allowed me to do it my way, whilst providing a challenge to make sure that I was thinking consciously. Laurent is a very practical no fluff business coach. If you would benefit structure and no-nonsense straight talking business coach, try a session with him."

Joey Ra

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