Don't Get Entrepreneurship Wrong: It Is A Journey

I'm on a quest to crack the entrepreneurship code.

I believe there are as many companies as there are entrepreneurs' personalities. However, I also think fundamental rules to do entrepreneurship the right way exist. By right way, I mean both correct as a FACT (they can be proven) and ETHICAL (they pertain to moral principles).

My father used to be an entrepreneur. He dedicated his active life to it, until unfortunately, his company bankrupted. He couldn't have done something else. He got the entrepreneurship virus from his own father.

I like this quote from Berta Lázaro, co-Founder of TeamLabs, one of my guests on my podcast Inter:views: "My entrepreneurship journey is just my journey." Listen to our full conversation here.

Imagine entrepreneurship as a giant iceberg.

Many people, including aspiring entrepreneurs, only see the tip of it. They often don't realize that entrepreneurship is way bigger and way more complicated than what it looks like.

Entrepreneurship is more than an idea or, to use a trendy expression, growth hacking. Those entrepreneurs who are idolized on social media because they became rich fast are the exception, not the norm.

The reality is many companies fail. The reality is entrepreneurship is a life journey, it's not a hobby. Don't get into it if you don't understand that fundamental aspect.

With the journey comes many questions: How to do entrepreneurship right? What are the dos, don'ts and the skills required? How do you know whether you're on the right track? And most importantly: Do you (still) have what it takes to do it?

​These are some of the questions I help my clients answer through coaching, training and public speaking.

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