Entrepreneurs, Don't Stop Believing!

Updated: Jul 12

First date of publication: 29 September 2019.

When I decided to start my own entrepreneurship journey, I thought it would be a tough ride, and trust me, it has kept its promises. 

Being an entrepreneur is like being on a roller-coaster of emotions. Some days are filled with joy, others are simply discouraging.

Like, there are moments when I'm really fed up of social media. The number of 'Me, myself and I', 'How I made My 1st Million At The Age of 16', 'How I build a 7-figure business in 4 weeks' or 'How To Get 1 Billion Followers In 5mn' posts is absolutely unbearable.

The problem is that the good content, the content that can actually teach, inspire and make a difference, is often buried under the insipidity written by those who lure you into believing you can make it overnight (whatever 'make it' is).

Go up and never stop believing entrepreneurs

Do you honestly think you can get a 6-pack in 6 weeks when you've never done any sports in your life?

Let me tell you: No, you CAN'T!

Of course, there are true stories of people who did make it fast, but these tales are the exceptions, not the norm.

Think about professional athletes: Did they make it overnight? They didn't. Plus, if they don't stay at the top of their game, they'll be quickly replaced by others.

It requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication, grit and hard work to reach the top and stay at that level. That's the norm.

It's the same in business. It can drain you. It's easy to loose motivation when face with so much adversity. How do you stay motivated, how can you keep fighting when you feel low?

Watch my video below where I share a few tips to keep moving forward.

"I've learned from many of my peers several tools to keep myself motivated. This is so important, we don't take care enough of our mental state. We have to find tools to find inspiration, to find this good mood and to push ourselves further." Danielle Titchner, the CEO and Founder of W-Source also shared her experience with staying afloat.

Listen to her full episode.

Don't stop believing!

Keep up building outstanding businesses.

We are often better than what we think we are. Let me show it to you: book a free online Coaching Discovery session with me now.

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