Entrepreneurs, Find Your Why

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Although her business is doing very well today, Sarah Selhi, my guest on Inter:views episode 47, acknowledged that if someone had told her about all the ups and downs she'd had to get through as an entrepreneur, she'd have said 'no thank you'.

It made me think about my own (short) experience. I mean, a year and a half in the pandemic has made my journey very difficult to say the least. I reached a point were I was close to give up and find another job.

Would I do it again?

The answer is 'yes' without any hesitation. I like a great challenge what can I say. Jokes aside, I particularly enjoy the freedom entrepreneurship gives me, especially when it comes to choosing the clients I'd like to work with. I've interviewed 48 guests; freedom is a word that keeps coming back.

More than that, entrepreneurship gives me an opportunity to do what I truly enjoy the most: coaching entrepreneurs, creating ahaah moments over and over again.

What about you?

I'm pretty sure you'd say that if you had to do it again, you'd do it differently. Of course, you've learned so much along the way.

But seriously, would you do it again?

Watch the video to find out what really drives entrepreneurs going through difficult times.

I absolutely encourage you to read Simon Senek's book Start With Why. I'm a fan.

Listen to Sarah's full interview. She shares the true importance of having a purpose: "My resolve for this idea was so strong, and my vision of what this company was going to become was so vivid, that every time the thought of shutting down occurred something was pulling me back in."

If you're looking for clarity of purpose, let's chat, I can help you. Book a convenient time for you on my online calendar.

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