Entrepreneurship Is A Journey

Updated: Mar 25

I've started cracking the entrepreneurship code. Granted it's a life's work, but one has to start somewhere. I'm however convinced that there are common patterns that lead to do entrepreneurship the right way.

I've interviewed 49 guests on my podcast, compiled their best practices and lessons learned, and I came up with the first 5 cracks, which I will share in several blog posts.

If you really cannot wait to find out more, then tune in Inter:views episode 48.

Crack #1. Entrepreneurship is a journey.

Entrepreneurship Is A journey

Yes, I know what you're thinking. No need to talk to 49 entrepreneurs to come up with such a finding. True; although many entrepreneurs forget about it. Also, aspiring entrepreneurs don't necessarily realize what entrepreneurship really entails, how much sweat and tears it requires. Those stories you see on social media about entrepreneurs who became multi-millionaires in 2 to 3 years? They are the exceptions, not the rule. The media don't tell you about the numerous companies that don't or barely make it.

So yes, entrepreneurship is a journey. Entrepreneurs usually start from scratch with something that doesn’t exist and build it up piece by piece. They're in for the long haul. Being an entrepreneur kind of never stops, entrepreneurs' minds are always at it. It requires much patience as well as resilience.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes it never happens.

"You have to be very very very patient. These things take so much than what you think. Don’t be stuck on your initial idea, allow surprises to happen and savor them. Learn from them, and if you end up building a very different company from the one that you intended to, well, that’s good too.” Nicholas Henrichsen, the founder of WithClutch.

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Here's a suggestion for you: Since it's a journey, slow down, take your time, enjoy the view along the way. Ho, and don’t worry about what everybody else is doing. It’s your journey not theirs.

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