Entrepreneurship Requires To Embrace Change

Ask a crowd: "Who wants change?" There's a high possibility that all hands will rise. After all, there always are things to change around us.

Then ask them: "Who wants to change?" I'm pretty sure that many less hands will show up. Wanting change is different from acting upon it. It can be frightening. Status-quo feels more comfortable, less scary.

Finish with: "Who wants to lead the change?" The chance to have absolutely nobody volunteering is close to 100%.

It's easy to say 'I'm going to change today.' Everybody can say it, it doesn't take any effort (think New Year resolutions). The real difficult part is to actually execute the change. It takes courage and a lot of discipline.

Change is part of the entrepreneurships journey (look at the situation the pandemic has created). Entrepreneurs must embrace it. If they don't show the way, then who will?

I talk about it in Smart Man, Smarter Woman, A Podcast For Entrepreneurs. Listen to my simple, practical tip.

If you're looking for further inspiration on your way to implement change, I recommend you listen to Kashmira's story on Inter:views episode 33. Here's what she says: "For a very long time, everything I did, every decision I took, was in reaction to what I thought would pleased my parents, the man I wanted to date, the boss I wanted to get a promotion from, all these external benchmarks. When I realized I could also power all my decisions the way I responded to life, by my own value, and my own vision, everything changed.”

Where there's a will, there's a way.

What are you waiting for?

Sometimes a gentle push is necessary. I can be that little push. Book a convenient time for you on my online calendar.

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