Every CEO Needs a Coach

Updated: Apr 18

Joakim Achrén is the founder of Elite Game Developers. His passion is to help people build successful games companies. He has been a game's entrepreneur for 15 years, previously founded Next Games, Ironstar Helsinki, and he was an early employee at Supercell.  In his podcast, we discussed tactical and philosophical topics, everything that goes into leadership, company culture, values and taking care of oneself. We also explored why we both believe that CEOs, taking the game industry as an example, should all hire a Business Coach. . Questions that we cover in this episode:

  • What is Business Coaching and how can it benefit business owners and entrepreneurs?

  • How do entrepreneurs realize that they need coaching?

  • What does it take to run a company?

  • What are the elements the build an efficient business strategy?

  • What are the things that matter once the company has a strategy in place?

Listen to the podcast now

PS 1: If you want to know more about Elite Game Developers, check their website.  PS 2: Once you have listened to the podcast, and if you believe business coaching is for you, then book a free Discovery Coaching session with me, so you can actually experience the power of coaching.  

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