Set Up Your Leadership Rules

Updated: Jan 13

Your responsibilities as an entrepreneur encompass defining the strategy as well as growing your people: recruit them, empower them, train them, and ultimately make them the best they can become. On top of what is already a full-time job comes other tasks that can quickly accumulate, especially since a typical day at work include so many interruptions. If you are not careful enough, you can get easily distracted and deviate from what you are supposed to be doing. In order to stay on track with your work, you must define leadership rules. Rules require a little discipline to be enforced, which is a great reason why you need to set them up.

Rules will also help you make better decisions, separate private from professional interactions, improve work efficiency, and create a sense of fairness among your team.  Such leadership rules can be practical - e.g. everybody must come on time or I will isolate myself everyday from 1pm to 2pm, etc. - or more intangible - e.g. no staff will be blamed in public or I will encourage everyone to talk solutions rather than problems, etc.  You can set as many leadership rules as you'd like to have. However, I recommend to be cautious, as too many rules may deteriorate the working environment.

Rules about the leadership rules should therefore apply:

  • Communicate the leadership rules to everyone within the organization. People do not read your mind, so if you want them to enforce the rules, they need to be aware of them first. 

  • Be a leader, not a dictator. Such rules are not designed to control, they are made to increase performance. Eliminate or improve any rule that goes against this fundamental.

  • Enforce them 100%. There should not be any exception, starting with yourself. Lead by example, abide by your own rules.  

To begin the process, ask yourself the following question : What are my uncompromising leadership principles?

What leader would you like to be? Let's get in touch and discuss how I can help you remove the road blocks along the way. 

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