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The Benefits Of Taking Care Of Yourself As Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 13

All quotes are taken from my podcast Inter:views, Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code.

“I see all these brilliant people, who have some much to offer to the world, basically killing themselves for the sake of their business. You can be a high performer without pushing yourself into the red zone all the time.” Tom Hayton, Master Story Teller, Germany, ep. 23.

How can you take care of your family, your people, and your business if you don’t take care of yourself first?

I get it, being an entrepreneur is hard work; it demands sacrifice. You always think about it, you constantly work on it, you want to go fast, and as a result, you rarely take any days off.

How long can you sustain such a pace?

“I’m a cancer survivor, I had 4 knee surgeries, I’ve broken 13 bones in my life… All of those things have given me physical challenges. What I’ve learned from that is: hold on… You have to be able to put it in some sort of perspective.” Joshua Schulman, Sales Coach, USA, ep. 10.

Your body and mind can take a certain volume of stress before you eventually collapse.

Worst case scenario: burnout!

“The actual worst-case scenario for me is what the consequence one year from now if nothing changes? How am I going to feel if 1 year from now if I can’t depend on anyone, I’m still doing everything myself, what’s the risk for the business that I burn out, or that I don’t expand, or that I can’t take time off if I get sick or a family member gets sick?” Rachel Beider, Founder, Press Modern Massage, USA, ep. 66.

I can hear your excuses: I can’t stop, there's way too much work; the market requires fast turn-around; I'm the only one who can do that; one last thing and I'll take a break; etc.

How is being exhausted or on the edge of burnout going to help you think, be efficient and build your company?

Consider being an entrepreneur like being a professional athlete: How do athletes prepare themselves before the race of their lives?

Well, entrepreneurship is the race of your life.

The best professional athletes aren’t invincible. They reach their levels because they dedicate specific time to both mental and physical recovery.

Copy them and spend time to recover.

“I’ve learned that sleeping and exercising are very important. And taking good care of yourself. That’s something a lot of people put on a second basis, which is a step aside from their life.” Roxana Nasoi, Business and Technology Strategist, Romania, ep. 31.

“It’s very important to take care of your mental well-being because ultimately that’s where all your decisions come from, that’s where your happiness comes from, and that’s where your physical wellbeing comes from, up here in your brain. So, take care of that, don’t neglect it.” Hatti Suvari, Founder & CEO, Red Bar Law LLP, UK, ep. 78.

Finally, although your company is your sweat and money, remember there are more important things than work.

For instance, how much time do you spend with your family and friends?

You may miss some important events you will regret later.

“Entrepreneurs need to know how to care of themselves and others. One needs to create a care structure for the business to be sustainable.“ Berta Lazaro, co-Founder, Team Labs, Spain, ep. 19.

“Listen to yourself and your own needs. And know when to give yourself a break. Know when to acknowledge that maybe that moment in the day isn’t the time when you’re at your peak, maybe you’re pushing yourself to achieve something and it’s just not working. So why not close the computer, get outside for an hour, and then come back fresh?” Robin Wycherley, Founder, Itu Design, Finland, ep. 67.


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