You Are The Main Business Bottleneck

Updated: Jan 13

I was recently hired by a business owner who created his company years ago, and successfully launched offices in various locations. He was now looking at ways to free up his time so he could explore new revenue streams, and expand his business further. He knew that he needed to get his head out of operations, but ​he was afraid of losing control over quality standards he had spent so many years establishing.

​One of my first entrepreneur clients had reached a point where his company was stuck because of a lack of qualified people. Money was not an issue, but he was too much involved in operations to take a step back and holistically assess the situation. He loved project management and could not resolve to give it up because he thought the customer service quality would suffer.   Both entrepreneurs had attained some sort of a plateau, where action was required to start a new growth cycle. They needed a plan, which they could not come up with because they were overwhelmed with day-to-day operations. 

Do their entrepreneurship stories sound familiar to you? Entrepreneurs usually have to do everything at the early business stages, and do not necessarily realize that their responsibilities must evolve with growth. Focusing on quality is important, but having a solid structure where people will strive for even better quality is essential.

There comes a time where entrepreneurs' role has to switch from doing the work by themselves to building the business under them to do the work, so it becomes something bigger than them. By not letting go, entrepreneurs may become the main bottleneck of their own companies.  I'd like to suggest 3 options to tackle that challenge:

  1. Ask yourselves better questions. Those questions that will force you to re-evaluate your position, and think. With the right questions comes the right answers, watch out this video to find out more. 

  2. Design a plan to maintain and improve the quality standards without your involvement. Make sure it includes concrete actions to achieve your goals, otherwise it will remain a mere objective. 

  3. Get external help. Hire a Business Coach for example, someone who will challenge the status quo and will ask you the tough questions. Here is an article to understand the benefits of coaching. 

Ready to talk about coaching? Book a time with me and tell me about your issues. 

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