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It's Not About You!

Mastering The Sales Process

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You are not born a salesperson; you become one.

Can you sell more? Does your offer meet the real customers’ demand? Are you selling the right product/service or are you selling for the sake of selling? Have you been tapping all sales opportunities? How confident are you in your product/service, and your ability to sell? 

According to research, only 13% of customers believe a sales person can understand their needs.

Why? Because they're too busy talking about themselves, instead of focusing on their customers and their needs.

Sales is never about you. 


  • Understand what selling is about

  • Find out how to avoid the Me, Myself and I syndrome

  • Learn how to use a systematic sales process

  • Develop new sales techniques


  • Practical training course immediately applicable within your business context, regardless of your industry

  • Excellent opportunity for brainstorming and team bonding using the exercises provided in the notebook

  • Framework that has been successfully tested with clients

  • All videos include embedded sub-titles 

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This course is ideal for...

  • Business Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

  • Sales Managers


Introduction (3:54)

  • Introduction to the course
  • Objectives

Video 1 - What Is Selling (3:56)

  • Definition
  • Implications

Video 2 - The Bad Sales Person. It's Not About You! (12:00)

  • Why some sales interaxctions are worse than others
  • Put your customers at the centre of everything you do

Video 3 - The Sales Process (2:19)

  • Sales is a process, not a one-off

Video 4 - Prospecting & Qualifying, Part 1 (10:43)

  • Everyone is not your customer
  • Define your ICP

Video 5 - Prospecting & Qualifying, Part 2 (8:04)

  • Reach out
  • Qualify

Video 6 - Presenting (12:45)

  • 4 practical techniques not to be boring

Video 7 - Questioning (12:06)

  • The importance of questions
  • 4 rules to ask insightful questions

Video 8 - Listening (6:56)

  • We don't listen enough
  • How to be better at listening

Video 9 - Handling Objections (10:04)

  • Learn to embrace objections and rejection
  • Practical Examples

Video 10 - Closing (7:03)

  • No closing, no business
  • Closing techniques

Video 11 - Build Relationships  (15:00)

  • Selling never ends
  • How to build long-term relationships with your customers

Conclusion (3:27)

  • Summary of key learnings

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