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Elevate Your Event: Book Laurent as Your Next Speaker

Empower Your Audience With Entrepreunarial Wisdom

Decades of Entrepreneurial Insights, One Captivating Speaker

Anita Toth, Entrepreneur & Churn Consultant
"Laurent is a great speaker. Get ready to take some notes." - Anita Toth, Entrepreneur & Churn Consultant
Dawid Bienkowski, Warsaw Equity Group

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." – Benjamin Franklin. The joy we get from gathering such great people is the essence of the WEG Community. Speakers like Laurent Notin make it worth unplugging for a few hours. I can't wait for the next one!" - Dawid Bienkowski, Managing Partner, Warsaw Equity Group

Redefining Entrepreneurial Success:
Beyond Cash Flow and Marketing

In the entrepreneurial world, the focus often falls on cash flow and marketing tactics as the beacons of success or failure. Yet, I propose a bold, thought-provoking shift in perspective: the most pivotal element in your business's trajectory is YOU, the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not just a role but a calling, demanding a blend of innate passion, mindset, and cultivated skills. The real jeopardy arises when entrepreneurs become the bottleneck, stalling their business's growth because they are the heart and engine.

As your next speaker or guest, I promise not just conversations but transformative explorations that challenge the status quo. We'll dissect the nuanced dynamics of entrepreneurship, spotlighting the founder's role as both a potential risk and the most significant asset.

Expect your audience to leave not just informed but equipped with unconventional strategies and a renewed understanding of entrepreneurial excellence.

Are you ready to shift perspectives and inspire your audience with groundbreaking insights? Invite me to speak and let's embark on a journey to redefine entrepreneurship together.

Laurent Notin, the Bottleneck Coach giving a lecture

4 Compelling Reasons to Feature Me as Your Next Guest or Speaker

Insightful Entrepreneurial Wisdom:
Entrepreneurship transcends a career—it's a vocation. Drawing from my journey of steering 7-figure SMEs, hosting enlightening podcast conversations, and coaching entrepreneurs, I bring invaluable, actionable insights. Your audience will discover not just how to survive but thrive in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Reframing Risk:
I challenge the prevalent belief that cash flow, staff, or marketing are the foremost business risks. Although they certainly play a significant part in entrepreneurial success, I argue that entrepreneurs themselves often pose the greatest challenge to their success. This fresh perspective promises to invigorate discussions, encouraging your audience to rethink and innovate.


Global Business Acumen:
My leadership experience across multiple countries provides me with a rich, global perspective. I delve into how cultural differences influence entrepreneurship and leadership, offering your audience strategies to navigate international business landscapes successfully.

Exclusive Gifts for Your Audience:
Beyond insights, your audience will receive tangible resources to immediately apply to their ventures:

Invite me to share these insights and gifts, and let's provide your audience with the knowledge and tools they need for unparalleled success.

I welcome opportunities to be your

🎧 Podcast Guest Speaker
🗣 Network Event Guest Speaker
💎Keynote Speaker
👨‍💼 Panelist
🎤 Workshop / Panel Facilitator

My Bio

Laurent is a highly regarded entrepreneur coach known for his profound insights into entrepreneurship. With a track record of successfully running SMEs, including one spanning three countries, he brings a global perspective and a unique vision to the entrepreneurial journey.

As the Bottleneck Coach, Laurent specializes in freeing entrepreneurs from the bottlenecks that hamper their growth. His approach centers around critical questioning and strategic insight, guiding business owners to transcend daily operational concerns for a broader, goal-oriented perspective.

Understanding that true leadership often necessitates external guidance, Laurent empowers entrepreneurs to challenge themselves, offering innovative solutions to traditional and emerging business challenges. His coaching not only reshapes their approach to risk but also equips them with practical strategies for sustainable success.

With Laurent, entrepreneurs gain more than advice; they access a transformative partnership designed to elevate their business and leadership journey.

Angela Heise, Leadership Development Expert

"Thank you, Laurent! I enjoyed answering your thought-provoking questions.  They really got me thinking." Angelas Heise, Leadership Development Expert

Think I could be a good fit for your Podcast or Event?

A Deeper Dive: My CrossFit Journey & Entrepreneurial Resilience

Discovering CrossFit was more than just a fitness milestone; it became a cornerstone of my entrepreneurial philosophy. The lessons learned amidst burpees, barbells, and box jumps have been transformative, instilling resilience and adaptability that mirror the entrepreneurial spirit

Laurent Notin doing a CrossFit workout

CrossFit's ethos—preparing for the 'unknown and unknowable'—parallels the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship. Each workout challenges me to adapt and overcome, mirroring the daily dynamics of running a business. This isn't about merely surviving the challenges but thriving through them, a mindset that CrossFit ingrained in me.

The discipline of CrossFit, where effort and consistency reign supreme, echoes in the entrepreneurial world. Success in both arenas demands showing up, regardless of circumstances, and committing to continuous improvement. It’s this dedication to consistency that shapes not just fitness achievements but business wins.

Beyond physical strength, CrossFit has been an invaluable mental health ally. The clarity and stress relief found through rigorous workouts provide a counterbalance to the demands of entrepreneurship. It's a reminder that maintaining mental and emotional well-being is as critical as any business strategy.

Since embracing CrossFit in 2014, the journey has been life-altering. As a speaker, I’m keen to share the parallels between CrossFit discipline and entrepreneurial success—how they intertwine to create a foundation for enduring resilience and achievement.

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