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Invite Laurent Notin: The Bottleneck Coach to Speak

Unleash Entrepreneurial Wisdom at Your Event or Podcast

Over Two Decades of Experience Working With Entrepreneurs, One Engaging Speaker

Anita Toth, Entrepreneur & Churn Consultant
"Laurent is a great speaker. Get ready to take some notes." - Anita Toth, Entrepreneur & Churn Consultant
Arina Lykova, co-Founder, EntreCom Enterprise Community

"I always appreciate people who can motivate and empower others. Laurent's ability to share his knowledge and energy is truly remarkable." Arina Lykova, co-Founder, EntreCom Enterprise Community

Let's challenge conventional wisdom!

In a world where many believe that cash flow or marketing tactics are the primary risks in business, I bring a thought-provoking perspective

I firmly believe that being an entrepreneur is a calling. You either have it in you, or you don’t. There's no alternative. Therefore, the most significant risk your business will ever face is YOU, the founder! 

Entrepreneurs put their companies in jeopardy when they become what I call the bottleneck in the business. It happens because they are the heart of the business, its engine. This unconventional approach challenges the status quo and opens exciting discussions on the true dynamics of entrepreneurship. 

By inviting me as a guest, you ensure your audience engages in compelling conversations that may reshape their perceptions and strategies, all while gaining valuable insights into the entrepreneurial journey.

Prepare for a transformative experience as we delve into the heart of entrepreneurship. Together, let's uncover the hidden risks, explore unconventional strategies, and ignite a new understanding of what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur

Laurent Notin, the Bottleneck Coach giving a lecture

4 reasons to feature me as a guest:

Profound Entrepreneurial Insights:
I believe entrepreneurship is more than a profession; it's a calling. With a deep understanding of the intrinsic qualities required for success, I've acquired deep insights into the entrepreneurial journey. My experience running 7-figure SMEs, talking to hundreds of entrepreneurs on my podcast and coaching business owners provides me with practical knowledge and actionable advice your audience needs to excel at running a business.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom:
In a world where many believe that cash flow or marketing tactics are the primary risks in business, I bring a thought-provoking perspective. I believe the owners themselves are the most significant risk any business will ever face! This unconventional risk assessment challenges the status quo and opens up exciting discussions on the true dynamics of entrepreneurship. I want to reshape your audience's perceptions and strategies, all while gaining valuable insights into the entrepreneurial journey.

International Expertise:
Borders do not confine me; I thrive on crossing them. Having successfully run a business with 150 people across 3 countries, I possess the experience and the adaptability required to thrive in an international environment. My global perspective adds a unique dimension to discussions on entrepreneurship, leadership, and the cultural nuances that impact business. 

Gift For Your Audience:

Your audience will not just gain knowledge but access to practical resources. These include:

  • My eBook 8 Tactics to Thrive as an Entrepreneur, which provides eight practical tactics to propel the business forward and tackle bottlenecks head-on.

  • The Bottleneck Index, an accurate tool to identify, understand, and overcome existing and potential business bottlenecks.

  • A free Impact Assessment call with me to receive personalized guidance on how to tackle their bottlenecks.

I welcome opportunities to be your

🎧 Podcast Guest Speaker
🗣 Network Event Guest Speaker
💎Keynote Speaker
👨‍💼 Panelist
🎤 Workshop / Panel Facilitator

My Bio

Laurent is a highly regarded entrepreneur coach known for his profound insights into entrepreneurship. With a track record of successfully running SMEs, including one spanning three countries, he brings a global perspective and a unique vision to the entrepreneurial journey.

As the Bottleneck Coach, Laurent works with business founders determined to get unstuck and scale their businesses. With effective questioning techniques, he helps them detach from the business's day-to-day operations, and zoom out to see the big picture and what matters most. 

As problem solvers, many entrepreneurs think they can easily do this themselves. This is rarely the case. The truth is, behind every successful leader is a skilled coach! 

Laurent challenges conventional wisdom, offering fresh perspectives on risk assessment and empowering audiences with actionable advice to excel in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Angela Heise, Leadership Development Expert

"Thank you, Laurent! I enjoyed answering your thought-provoking questions.  They really got me thinking." Angelas Heise, Leadership Development Expert

Think I could be a good fit for your Podcast or Event?

A little bit more about me
CrossFit Chronicles: Shaping My Entrepreneurial Grit

Amid the sweat and grind of CrossFit, I stumbled upon a secret sauce for business grit—a tale of how burpees and barbells became the unexpected mentors in my entrepreneurial journey.

Laurent Notin doing a CrossFit workout

CrossFit prepares you for the unknown and unknowable, a skill paramount in entrepreneurship, where adaptation is the name of the game. Think of it like this: every box jump and sweaty burpee taught me to roll with the punches—super handy in the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship. It's not just about hanging in there; it's about thriving, just like CrossFit taught me. 

Those grueling snatches or double-unders? They're like the business grind—consistent effort pays off big time. CrossFit doesn't care if you had a rough day; you show up, you put in the work. It's the same in business. Consistency isn't just a habit; it's the secret sauce for success. Whether nailing a WOD (Workout Of the Day) or conquering business goals, the small, consistent steps build the empire.

And here's the real gem: CrossFit isn't just about building biceps and talking about it constantly; it's a stress-buster ninja. Amid the daily business whirlwind, those hours at the box have become my ultimate sanity saviors. Stress relief isn't a luxury for entrepreneurs; it's a lifeline. CrossFit showed me that the mental clarity achieved post-workout is a game-changer. 

I felt into CrossFit in 2014. And It has literally changed my life. As a guest, I'm all ears for sharing stories, laughter, and a bit of sweaty wisdom on how CrossFit and business are more than just workout buddies—they're partners in success.

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