Entrepreneurs, You Are Not Alone

Find The Inspiration You Need To Continue Your Entrepreneurship Journey 

The entrepreneurship journey comes with countless emotional challenges. For instance, many entrepreneurs feel isolated. My keynote speeches are designed to inspire entrepreneurs and give them practical tools to relieve the constant pressure they bear. 

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Topics Most Often Covered:

All keynote speeches can be delivered in-person or online. From 20mn to 1h. 

Are You Asking The Right Questions?

With great questions comes great answers. Sometimes we're stuck into situations because we don't ask the right questions. Let me show you what you can do. 

Entrepreneurship Done Right

Where I share some of the entrepreneurship code I've cracked so far. 

Release The Leader In You

What's a leader? My 5 Golden Rules to become the leader you deserve to be. 

Would You Drive A Car Blindfolded?

If you answer no then don't drive your business blindfolded. The 5 elements of an efficient business strategy. 

It's Not About You!

Sales is never about how great you and your products are. It's about how great your customers and their needs are. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Time management techniques are not only simple and they work. There's one trick though: You need to get out of your own way. 

What People Say

"Motivational, enthusiastic, practical and great body language!".

NOCCA Coaches, Haaga-Helia University

"I always appreciate people who can motivate and empower others. The ability to share not only the knowledge but the energy is truly remarkable."

Arina Lykova, Project Manager, Oulu Entrepreneurship Society

"Laurent Notin is a great speaker. Get ready to take some notes."

Anita Toth, Entrepreneur & Churn Consultant

My approach to public speaking:

  • No fluff, only practical stuff

  • Highly interactive, engaging with the audience

  • Inspiring: Sharing my own journey

  • And on top of it: a good dose of ethics!