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First things first: My newsletter will not change your life!


Bit of a strange thing to say on the signup page for my newsletter, but I needed to let you know right away.




As an entrepreneur, not only are you very busy but you’re also constantly bombarded with information and people trying to sell you stuff. 


The last thing you need is another newsletter from a coach that promises the world but fails to deliver!


So, here’s exactly what you get when you sign up for my newsletter: Practical tools and tips to help make you a better entrepreneur.


Nothing more; nothing less.


Even though it won’t change your life… I promise the content will challenge you. In fact, one of my subscribers wrote to me to say “You just described my current life! How can I rebuild my team after COVID-19?”


One last thing: Whilst my emails help you focus on what matters most as entrepreneurs, they won’t contain the same level of detail I give my coaching clients for all sorts of reasons I know you’ll understand. 


Next steps

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"I love today's story, you really need to keep those newsletters coming" Maria Frangieh, Founder, Social Prise


"Wonderful newsletter Laurent…and a timely reminder for me! I was holding onto something beautiful that might not be serving my highest good anymore. It's time to say thank you and goodbye!" Kashmira Mody, Founder, Learning Essence

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