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Welcome to The Bottleneck Digest, your bi-weekly source of insights and inspiration to overcome entrepreneurial bottlenecks and propel your business to new heights. With a remarkable 40% opening rate, my newsletter is trusted by entrepreneurs worldwide to provide actionable insights and strategies for business growth.

Featured Bottleneck

In each edition, we'll dive deep into a specific bottleneck entrepreneurs commonly face, exploring its manifestations, impact, and practical strategies to overcome it. Gain valuable insights and actionable tips to break free from the mental barriers holding your business back.


Entrepreneur Spotlight

Discover the stories of successful entrepreneurs who have navigated and conquered bottlenecks on their journey to success. Gain inspiration from their experiences and learn how they overcame challenges similar to those you may be facing.


Resource Roundup
Access a curated selection of resources, including recommended podcast episodes, must-read books, and featured tools or software designed to support your entrepreneurial journey. Stay informed and equipped with the latest tools and insights to drive your business forward.

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"I love today's story, you really need to keep those newsletters coming." - Maria Frangieh, Founder, Social Prise

"Wonderful newsletter Laurent…and a timely reminder for me! I was holding onto something beautiful that might not be serving my highest good anymore. It's time to say thank you and goodbye!"

- Kashmira Mody, Founder, Learning Essence

"I get quite a few newsletters and most simply get a scan and end up in the bin. Yours, however, I take the time to read. I appreciate the honesty in your notes and while I'm going through similar thoughts it's nice to know I'm not alone."

- David Cole, Founder, Building Trust

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