The Inner

Entrepreneur Board

Being an entrepreneur is an amazing journey. 

It’s also the toughest job ever.


You’ve got to wear many hats, acquire many skills, and make many decisions – fast. All whilst under extreme pressure to deliver quality work to your clients, take care of your employees, and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Therefore, it’s not surprising many entrepreneurs get buried under the myriad tasks they deal with daily because it’s so easy to fall into the trap of doing everything.


If that resonates, I don't blame you. When you refer to your company as your "baby", wanting to protect it is only natural.  

The problem is, the more you do, the more difficult it becomes to let go. You will reach a point where you suffocate and get locked into situations you don't control, precisely because you can't let go. 


Let me give you an example: 


Acting as the project manager for most or all your clients' projects because you're afraid of things going wrong if someone else is in charge.

If you don’t trust your people’s abilities, why would you recruit them?


No wonder then that you feel alone, find it hard to take a step back, look at the big picture, and ask yourself questions like "Am I on the right path?", "Am I doing the things I'm supposed to be doing?", "Is it worth it?", etc.

I was alone. I was stuck. I had to find external help.


These are the exact words one of my clients used to describe his situation.


Again, the more you do everything, the more difficult it becomes to let go. This results in a vicious cycle of ever-increasing pressure and isolation because you believe you’re the only person who can fix it.

As a result, you find yourself stuck and can't see a way out.


The problem is when you're stuck, your company is stuck.


That's the biggest risk you face: becoming the bottleneck of your own business.


But know it doesn’t have to be that way. 


The Inner Entrepreneur Board will help you manage that risk without breaking the bank.


What is the Inner Entrepreneur Board?

The Inner Entrepreneur Board is a private peer-to-peer coaching group reserved for entrepreneurs only.

The group includes a maximum of 7 members, each coming from a different industry (no competitors allowed).


When you join, you will:

  • Be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs from day one.

  • Take time off from your schedule. The group will force you to stop, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture.

  • Break your isolation. You're not alone in being alone: share experiences and best practices around running a business from a group of trusted peers.

  • Get things done. By coaching each other, you will hold each other accountable for delivering results. 


And I will: 


  • Lead the group and facilitate the discussions.

  • Give you get clarity of direction.

  • Help you let go and focus on what matters most.

  • Provide you with feedback, steer, and advice to better navigate your entrepreneurship journey.


But I don’t have time, I’m swamped at work.

Typically, this is why people tell me they can’t join the Inner Entrepreneur Board

If that thought is crossing your mind, I’d ask you this:


Are you the kind of person who never takes time off because you're afraid it would slow you down and make you lose the next opportunity? 

You’re right. It’s better to exhaust yourself at your job until you burn out and you can’t take care of your company anymore. 


There’s no such thing as being busy. Everyone is. Time is a resource that needs to be managed, like any other resource. It’s a question of priorities. 

However, being stuck is a very real problem. 


So if you’re stuck, you should also consider the following:


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years is that most people don’t resist change. On the contrary, they usually embrace it. 


However, they do resist others pointing out their flaws and telling them what to do. To them, it sounds like they should be fixed. 


I’m pretty sure you prefer to make changes on your own terms. 


The problem is when you give yourself plenty of reasons not to do anything about a specific situation, usually, it means you’re avoiding the issue. 

So, is being busy the real excuse, or is it that you’re afraid to be told what to do? 


Regardless, you shouldn’t worry. 


Within the Inner Entrepreneur Board, you will remain in charge of your own actions, according to your own schedule. Nobody will impose anything on you. 

In addition, joining the group will boost you. It feels good to be part of a group sharing the same purpose and values, brainstorming, and helping each other out. You will excel where others are weaker, and vice-versa.


The power of the group will stimulate all the members, which will benefit you and ultimately your business. 


How does it work?

First, a commitment of a minimum of 6 months is required. 

I understand it might put you off, but you will have to trust me on this one. You need to stay in the Inner Entrepreneur Board for 6 months because it usually takes that long to see some tangible results through coaching.


Also, by committing, you're already making yourself accountable. Plus, as you will see below, it doesn't require much of your time every month. 

You can then easily opt out after that period.


When you join the Inner Entrepreneur Board you will enjoy:

  • 1 peer-to-peer session per month (1.5 to 2h) on a Thursday (time depends on the number of time zones to accommodate). During those sessions, we will discuss a particular topic, work on a specific tool, or simply have no agenda. You will leave every session with individualized homework, based on your take-outs. There's no need to have many items on your homework list but aim for a minimum of 1 thing to do.

  • 1 individual 30min accountability check per month, in a 1:1 with me.

  • Continuous Whatsapp support between sessions, from me and the group members.

  • 1h live or recorded webinar every quarter on a business topic relevant to the group's discussions, delivered by me or a guest.

  • Membership grants you a 12% discount on my other products and services (e.g. workshops, online training courses, 1:1 coaching sessions, etc.)


We'll meet over Zoom in a casual atmosphere, and hopefully one day, in person.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Peer-to-peer groups are efficient if each participant is committed, and we create an environment of trust.

I'll expect each member to respect the following 3 rules:


  • Confidentiality. It's the most important aspect. This group is a safe place to talk about any professional and personal issues. The more you know about each other, the more impact you'll have on each other, provided everything that’s said in the group remains in the group.

  • Open-mindedness. Be receptive to new ideas. Respect each other's opinions. Do not judge what others do and say. You're joining the group to support each other and grow together.

  • Accountability. Attend the sessions. Do your homework. Assume full responsibility for your own decisions and actions.


How much does it cost?

Not much really. You have 2 options:

  • A monthly fee of 190€ (+ VAT if applicable), with a minimum commitment of 6 months.

  • A 1-time annual fee of 1,938€ (+ VAT if applicable), i.e. a saving of 15%.

 To put things into perspective, I charge 300€ an hour for an ad-hoc 1:1 coaching session.


What's next?

Answer the following questions:


  • Do I need help? 

  • Am I ready to accept external help? 

  • Do I want to invest time and money to get the help I need?


If you answer Yes to all 3 questions, you’re ready to join Inner Entrepreneur Board.

Or you may still feel hesitant.


Regardless, it's important that you feel I'm the right coach for you.  


Also, your application doesn’t guarantee a spot in the group. As I mentioned, no competitors are allowed, and I want to make sure that your profile will fit the group dynamics. 


So let's get to know each other a bit. 


Click on the button below to book a 30mn intro chat with me.