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A little bit of theory, a lot of practice.  My purpose is simple: I want my clients to build outstanding businesses. 

All my training courses are designed with that objective in mind. I do not share anything that I have not successfully tried myself. I do not teach any topic I do not know about.

Every training course is made for Business Leaders who recognize they lack the skills to take the business to the next step. The content mixes theory fundamentals with my own experience applying such theory. I always try to be as practical as possible so you can immediately use in your work what you've just learned. 

Keep watching this space as new online training courses will be regularly published. 

I can also deliver those courses in-person for private groups, adapting all exercises to client's relevant business cases. Please contact me to discuss further about your needs. 


"Laurent is great getting his audience engaged, encouraging people to participate, and making it an interesting and enjoyable experience"

- Tiffany Tsang, Writing & Design Consultant, GIZ

Training courses
The 5 Elements of An Effective Business Strategy

The 5 Elements of An Efficient Business Strategy (online course)

Would you drive a car blindfolded? No? So why would you drive a business blindfolded?

12 online training videos 

1 bonus video

12 practical exercises

1h free consultation with me


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