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Don't Be The Bottleneck In
Your Business

When you're stuck, your business is stuck

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I'm an Entrepreneur, Coach To Entrepreneurs, Start-up Mentor, Podcast Host, and CrossFit addict.

Entrepreneurship is a calling.


It’s not for everyone and that’s fine.


If you have it in you though, being an entrepreneur is the most exciting and also demanding job I know. 

Entrepreneurship is like a giant iceberg. We only see the tip of it, and we don't realize how big it actually is until we give it a try.

Entrepreneurs got to wear many hats, acquire many skills, and make many decisions – fast. All whilst under extreme pressure to deliver quality work to their clients, take care of their employees, and maintain a healthy cash flow. 

That’s why, if you have it in you, entrepreneurship requires the right mindset.

No entrepreneurs set themselves up to fail.

No entrepreneurs believe they can't do it.

But it happens more often than we'd like to think.


Usually, because company's founders have locked themselves into a situation they can't get out of. 

They know something's wrong, perhaps they've seen some signs or people have warned them, but somehow they don't act.

Call it ego, fear, or lack of accountability. It doesn't matter. 


Because of their inaction, the company doesn't move forward either.


The consequences can be devastating. The bigger the company, the bigger the impact (think Nokia or Kodak). 

That's what I call becoming the main bottleneck in your business, and it's the biggest risk you face. 

There are many ways you can be a bottleneck, but the price you pay is always the same: you're stuck.

When you're stuck, your business is stuck

That's when I come in.


My job is to unlock entrepreneurs from situations they create because they're on their own way. 

Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code



A podcast that is 100% about entrepreneurship. 

Get a good dose of inspiration, first-hand insights, and practical recommendations from passionate entrepreneurs and professionals working with business owners, across the globe and industries. 

Weekly episodes, every Tuesday, 12 pm GMT.

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I really love your spririt.

I really love your podcast, the way you're looking at people, because you're in the business of people, and

that's everything."

- Celyn Jones, Co-Founder, Mad As Birds, Episode 69.

What my guests say:

5 Cracks To Do
The Right Way

If you like a great challenge, potentially the toughest challenge you could ever face, becoming an entrepreneur will meet your expectations.

Your biggest risk: becoming the main bottleneck in your own business. 

I can make it a little easier for you.


My eBook is based on 50 interviews I had with entrepreneurs through my podcast.

It contains 2,643 words over 11 pages and includes 25 powerful questions to help you better navigate the job of being an entrepreneur. 

Grab your FREE copy of my e-book 5 Cracks To Do Entrepreneurship The Right Way.

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