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Character Codes: The Key to Building a Strong and Cohesive Workforce with David Carter

avid CM Carter  Chairman & Founder at Entelechy Academy Limited

Setting off on an entrepreneurial journey feels like sailing in uncharted waters.

More than 30 years ago, David C. M. Carter got a nudge from a mentor: "Stop advising others and run your own show." That spark set him on a journey worth sharing.

So, I caught up with him, now a seasoned entrepreneur, to get the lowdown on his decades-long adventure—full of highs, lows, and loads of insights.

Riding the Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster:

Being an entrepreneur doesn't just mean global empires like Elon Musk's or Richard Branson's. Carter points out that entrepreneurship comes in all sizes, from local heroes to those running small shops. The common thread? The itch to solve problems that keep every entrepreneur up at night.

Entelechy Academy: Shaping Character for Businesses

After a successful stint in CEO mentoring, Carter created Entelechy Academy. The mission? Democratize character development. In a world grappling with a "soft skills crisis," Carter's approach is groundbreaking. He introduces a framework built on character qualities—54 of them, to be exact.

According to him, these are the building blocks for developing any skill—hard, soft, or technical.

Entelechy Academy's program includes a deep dive into self-assessment, 360-degree evaluations, and data insights. The goal? Transforming companies into "companies of character."

The first two months at Entelechy Academy are like going on a treasure hunt. Every employee takes a look in the mirror with a 180-degree self-assessment. Strengths and growth areas get a spotlight. Then comes the 360-degree evaluation, where colleagues, friends, and family spill the beans. The result is a character kaleidoscope that gives a snapshot of the company's strengths and growth spots.

Armed with those insights, the following year is all about transformation. The personalized journey involves ongoing advice, updated data insights, and a nifty app for personal growth. The goal is to align individual character growth with the company's vision for a culture of always getting better.

Duty to Disagree: A Culture of Innovation

In the Entelechy Academy culture, disagreement isn't a bad word—it's a superpower. Carter's leadership tip? Encourage your team to speak up. The duty to dissent isn't just a tagline; it's the secret sauce for better decisions and a dash of innovation. Carter believes that creating a safe space for disagreement fuels better conclusions.

Bottleneck Blues and Passing the Baton

Every growing business hits a bottleneck, and Carter's been there. He spills the tea about a time when signing every check and giving the green light for every payment was gumming up the works. His fix? Passing the baton and letting a trusted teammate take the reins. It wasn't about relinquishing control but fostering trust and letting the business breathe.

Taking a cue from Steve Jobs, Carter swears by hiring smart folks who bring something unique to the table. His transformation from bottleneck to empowering a rockstar team proves that trusting your crew is the real game-changer.

This entrepreneurial story is a journey through uncharted waters, with wisdom around every corner. David C. M. Carter's odyssey is a beacon for anyone riding the business wave and serves as a reminder that success isn't about avoiding challenges but transforming them into stepping stones toward a brighter horizon.


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