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Find Your Purpose – Where Can You Make An Impact?

All quotes are taken from my podcast Inter:views, Cracking The Entrepreneurship Code.

“It’s a gift to find what really moves you, what keeps you awake, connected, and present. I’m truly grateful to have this purpose in life.“ Dina Bunchbinder Auron, Founder, Education For Sharing, USA, ep. 74.

Entrepreneurs are driven by impact.

They usually dream big, to the point they want to change the world.

By becoming an entrepreneur, they’re in charge. It gives them control over how much impact they can make. They can influence how things are done; they can challenge the status quo.

“There’s an impact and kind of legacy that we’re leaving as entrepreneurs. And that’s a reason why people get into entrepreneurship […] As a company we can contribute more than we can as an individual.” Eli Liby, co-Founder, Results Imagery, USA, ep. 42.

There are many ways to make an impact: opening a social enterprise, focusing on a good cause, solving a painful problem for people as well as treating employees, clients, and suppliers correctly.

It always begins with finding a sense of purpose, or a “why”, as Simon Sinek would say.

Entrepreneurs who make a difference have found a reason for living (hint: it’s not money). They know why they wake up every morning, they understand their place on earth and in this life.

So, they align their company with their sense of purpose, their “why”. It often revolves around helping others.

“The why is very important. Because it’s very easy when things get really tough to just go back and get a job, and stop what you’re doing. The question is why are you doing this? Why does this make you get up in the morning? For me the why is helping others, it really is. […] If I stop doing what I’m doing then I’m letting down my dream” Sarah Selhi, Founder, SpaceiShare, Canada, ep. 47.

“For us, it was really important to do something that we can’t only earn money with, but at the same time, do something good, help people somehow. What I’m doing right now feels goddamn right.” Oliver Weiss, co-Founder, Mecasa, Germany, ep. 36.

Your purpose - that one thing you're meant to do - comes from a place of passion and authenticity.

Think about what makes you, you. Follow your natural gifts, values, and principles.

You need to understand your inner motivations as well as your core strengths and use them to shape your business.

“The worst thing that can happen as the CEO of your company is that you lie to yourself. If you lie to yourself for too long, you lose your authenticity, your voice, your purpose. You also lose the ability to make fact-based decisions. Authenticity has a lot to do with being connected with that vision you have and your motivations.” Andries de Vos, Founder, Slash, Singapore, ep. 34.

Once you’ve found them, your company becomes a tool to convey them through the services or products you sell.

Easier said than done, but trust me, it’s very powerful.

“We got in a position where we can say no to businesses. We are an ethical agency. An agency that really wants to make social media a positive place. It’s less about just selling a pair of sneakers, and more about working with organizations that do some good.” Rob Illidge, Founder, Social Republic, UK, ep. 65.

When your “why” and your product all come together, you will create a real impact. It will drive your business, help you design your offer, dictate who your ideal clients are, provide you with sharp focus, and gather all your people under the same banner.

“Life just makes sense, everything makes sense […] You end up attracting the right people because the clarity helps you with the message. The more clear you are within, the more clear you’ll be outside.” Laxmi Gandhi, Founder, OperaScale, USA, ep. 45.


This is an extract from my eBook The Entrepreneur Mindset: 7 Tactics To Avoid Being The Bottleneck In Your Business.

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