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Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges: The Power of Uncompromising Principles

Behind every entrepreneur, there's a human being navigating the intricacies of professional and personal life. It's no secret that the journey can be challenging, and at times, finding joy amid responsibilities can seem elusive.

The biggest risk your business faces is you

In my experience, establishing and adhering to uncompromising principles has been a guiding light, providing clarity in the face of complexity. Let's explore the principles that have shaped my entrepreneurial journey:

Practical & Realistic

Early in my career, a mentor influenced me profoundly. Rather than drowning in abstract recommendations, he compelled me to deconstruct client suggestions into small, tangible actions. Though at times uncomfortable, this practice became a philosophy. Today, I strive to cut through the fluff in every endeavor, emphasizing simplicity and practicality.


A critical lesson learned over the years is to focus not just on being busy but on getting things done. Constantly asking, "So what? How are we going to get there?" has become a mantra. It's not merely about discussions; it's about crafting and executing a roadmap with concrete, achievable steps.

Continuous Learner

Around 2006-2007, Richard Templar's "Rules of Management" book made a significant impact on my managerial approach. Handpicking rules that resonated with me fueled exceptional results with my team. The journey of learning never stops, as I strive to provide the most current and practical advice to my clients.


A defining moment came when that same mentor commended me for having a high work ethic. This became more than a compliment; it became a guiding principle. Living by the values of honesty, transparency, and delivering on promises, I've sought to put people's best interests at the core of my professional interactions.

Having Fun

A distinctive characteristic is my loud laugh, audible from miles away. Recognizing that work is more enjoyable when taken less seriously, having fun has become a fundamental aspect of my work and life philosophy.

Why share these principles? Because in the face of entrepreneurial bottlenecks, these guiding lights have been tested and proven resilient under pressure. They serve as anchors, ensuring that even in challenging times, the core values that drive success remain unwavering.


Your bottlenecks might be challenging your principles under pressure. 

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Lewis Folkard
Lewis Folkard
febr. 10.

Having fun (and being in a field you enjoy) is a huge part of overcoming challenges. It's like the pulley that keeps you moving!

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